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Designing and Producing Quality Metal Stamping in Hamilton Ontario

Hamilton Stamping Limited has been in business since 1986 and is located in Hamilton, Ontario. Our core business is designing and producing stamped high quality parts using precision dies. These parts are typically produced in varying volumes at very competitive prices for a wide array of industries. Our company has a reputation for innovation and creativity, as well as for high customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. 



We produce a wide range of parts and assemblies across a diverse range of manufacturing industries. These include the railway, aerospace, metal fabrication, sports, and garden equipment industries. We also have the capability to deliver our stamped products with other finishing operations applied to them such as heat-treating, finishing, soldering, and assembly.


Our specialty is our mastery of the design and production of progressive dies. These allow us to automate the production of complex completed parts in a single production run thereby significantly reducing costs. We also are capable of producing a wide variety of tooling, gauges and fixtures and even small assembly lines.


Hamilton stamping designs and creates custom metal stamping to meet high-volume production needs and ensure all parts meet exact specifications. Our wide range of equipment, prototyping, and design services will allow us to increase efficiency in producing custom metal stamping parts in Hot rolled steel parts, Cold rolled steel parts, Brass Bronze, and Copper parts, Stainless steel parts, Plastic and Aluminium parts. 

Our Work


In addition to producing springs for Wabco, the array of parts we produce for them includes stops, handles, shims, washers, and other springs.Approximately 30,000 of these parts are being produced annually from ¾ hard 301 stainless steel. We have further evolved our production processes so that we are working under blanket orders from Wabco and shipping parts on demand.

“Wabco Story”

Hamilton Stamping displaces fabrication for the production of complex low volume componentsSuperior Boiler Works and Welding Limited builds and maintains boiler and heating systems. Superior was having difficulty fabricating several key components of their boiler systems economically and, in some cases, to the quality they required.

“Superior Boiler Works and Welding Limited”

Hamilton Stamping effectively partners with others to meet a variety of customer needsSb Marketing prizes Hamilton Stamping as a supplier not just for the quality of our work but also because we are a “low maintenance” supplier who can be relied on to deliver on time. We keep them advised on production and delivery status without requiring follow-up on their part, saving them time and money in their management processes. Hamilton Stamping effectively partners with others to meet a variety of customer needs.

“Sb Marketing”

Hamilton Stamping competitively delivers aerospace products in low volumes“Goodrich Corporation is a leading worldwide supplier of aerospace components, systems and services with an enviable record of profitable growth. With annual revenues of $4.2 billion, Goodrich ranks as one of Fortune magazine’s “Most Admired” aerospace companies and as one of Forbes magazine’s “400 Best Big American Companies.”

“Goodrich Landing System”