Our Team

Bob Intini, our founder, has been in the stamping business for over 36 years. Our staff of five full time people includes four certified tool and die makers and operators with extra resources available on call. Our tool and die experts collectively have over 75 years of experience.

What drives our team?

  • We love a challenge. Many of the stories associated with our parts demonstrate our rising to significant challenges. The variety and range of products as shown in our parts gallery are testimonials to our collective passion for innovation and creativity.
  • We believe in total integrity in our customer relationships as well as our relationships with the society in which we operate. Our passion for recycling is one piece of evidence of this.
  • We believe in long standing close relationships with an established set of customers with whom we have developed a track record of meeting our commitments to them 100%.
  • A critical part of our customer commitment is the efficiency of our ongoing dialogue with the customer. We fully appreciate the need to minimize their investment of scarce time and energy. We like to think of ourselves as a maintenance-free supplier.