Our Service Philosophy

Customer Service

For us, total quality extends to our relationship with our customers and suppliers. Providing exceptional customer service goes beyond delivering products on time, on budget, and within specification. It means maintaining an ongoing dialogue with our customers that balances their need for efficient use of their time. Our customers advise us and those we refer to that they prize the fact that they do not have to spend valuable time following up with us to assure themselves of on-time deliveries. Hamilton Stamping has built a reputation for providing our customers with excellent quality products and services. 

Continuous Improvement

We offer a continuous reengineering of leading-edge custom metal stamping products and services. Hamilton stamping offers metal stamping solutions at competitive prices, to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. 

Why Partner with Hamilton Stamping?

  • Our current partners value our total commitment to quality in everything we do.
  • Our products meet the required specifications.
  • We are proactive in keeping the customer informed of the status of their project.
  • We don’t shy from tackling new and different challenging products
  • We learn from each and every project and then pass this value on to our customers through increased efficiencies and better products.
  • We thoroughly enjoy our dialogues with our clients about their demanding requirements.

Call us and challenge us with your needs. You will quickly find our enthusiasm to be infectious and very satisfying.